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Thung Nham Bird Park ( Full Day )
Duration : 1 day
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Thung Nham Bird Park Ecotourism is an attractive tourist destination, not only attracts many tourists in the country, but also international tourists. Thung Nham tourism has seen its beauty, because it is the harmony between the natural landscape and the creativity of local people make Thung Nham become a highlight in the map of Ninh Binh calendar.


About 12km west of Ninh Binh city, Thung Nham eco-tourist resort is located in Ninh Hai commune, Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh province, is one of the famous tourist in Ninh Binh.

Located about 30 km from Ninh Binh town, Thung Nham is surrounded by tropical forests on Limestone Mountains with many valleys and caves. With a boat floating hours visitors will see Thung Nham appear before the eyes with beautiful blue sky.


To travel in Thung Nham, it is best to go for 2 days to visit and experience all the interesting places. 

Come to Thung Nham to visit, convalescence and explore the interesting things, visitors can come in autumn because at this time, the weather is cold, the flock of birds go to fly to fly to create a picture of birth, dynamic, special.

IMG_1841.JPGAfter a long boat trip to the foothills, tourists have to go through a dark, ink-like cave, in addition to the bright light from the flashlights, no light source, space becomes unusually like a drowning in the silent night.

If the time in the dark cave creates unexpected experiences, then out of the cave, visitors will not be shy when in front of their eyes is a gorge valley gorgeous surrounding Rocky Mountains and pristine forests

Thung Nham Bird Park Ecotourism

Visitors to Thung Nham without visiting the bird garden are a great omission. This is the habitat of more than 40 species of birds such as Constellation, Phoenix, Stork, cauldron, leek, leech, fire prick…

Have in the flooded forest to see the nature has given favor to Thung Nham scenic wild, wonders. In the midst of cloudless sky, a primeval island emerges, where there are tens of thousands of birds such as storks, cauldrons, feathers …

There are visitors who do not go to the heart of the scene of birds from small to large in the air, fly out to fly into the park and then parked on the tree to create a lively picture

Thung Nham Bird Park Ecotourism

After half a day visiting the tourist spots in Thung Nham, visitors can rest in the stilt or collective penthouse. In the scenic and peaceful, just relax and enjoy specialties such as Thung Nham steamed fish, Thung Nham grilled fish, Thung Nham chicken, burnt rice, goat meat.

In the afternoon, visitors can visit the garden at Thung Nham to enjoy the fruits of the tropical country and try to feel the farmer’s garden. Then discover and experience in primary forest. Here, there are flora, fauna and abundance, fresh air, cool promises to bring many surprises, interesting for visitors.

Come to Thung Nham at the end of the day, the valley of love is the ideal choice. Thung Nham  explore and experience the tourist attractions, to the end of the day, visitors can go to love Valley to be immersed into the poetic space, store love. This is a harmonious combination of grass and flowers to create a beautiful natural picture.

The sun was on the other side of the mountain, and the sunset turned to leave Thung Nham calm and fanciful. Finish the journey of discovery, visitors can enjoy the food made from goat meat, such as goat, goat’s grilled or fried goat rolls. Especially enjoy the food made from fresh vegetables, attractive.