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5 best Vietnam Cities for cycling trip

Bicycle is friendly, healthy and suitable for tourists to go sightseeing and explore around. What city do you think is the best place for cycling trip? Below are Top 5 cities in Vietnam for a wonderful cycling trip. Check it out.

1. Peaceful Hoi An

Hoi An is always a best place to travel by bike
Hoi An is always a best place to travel by bike

Hoi An always rank tops in the list of best places for biking trip in Vietnam. Wandering on your bike along tiny alley full of pretty flowers, from Thu Bon river down the way to Cua Dai beach, head to the nearby villages through green paddy fields, all are recommend in our must stop list during your biking day.

The country side of Hoi An is beautiful : green rice fields, pretty lotus ponds, peaceful villages, poetic rivers , nice beaches and so much more. The landscape pure and you can relax on the way, stop by a local food stall and try some famous local cuisines such as tofu soup, white rose dumpling or Cao Lau noodle etc…

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2. Romantic Hue city

Lies along the Perfume River, this former royal capital of the Nguyen dynasty is considered as the pinnacle of Vietnamese language, cuisine, fashion accompany with royal games, court music, imperial dance.

Biking around Hue is a best way to explore many interesting things
Biking around Hue is a best way to explore many interesting things

Hue symbol is the image of Hue girls in their purple long dress and conical hat . This romantic and beautiful city is very suitable for biking trip with popular destination namely as Imperial citadel, Royal mausoleums , Thuan An beach, National university etc… Once more interesting way to discover much many other charming of Hue ancient capital is to make a Hue cycling tour around the countryside. Spending one day on bike by yourself, a tour guide can take you to the rural to admire and enjoy interesting scenes and local life. This tour gives you more the tranquil, peaceful, beautiful sightseeing in different villages surrounding Hue including green paddy fields, rivers, hill, handicraft villages, and old architecture, which Hue people keep in original appearance until now.

After finishing with biking tour in Hue, it is time for tasting their traditional famous cuisine with many Hue dishes

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3. Charming Hanoi

Exploring Ha Noi by bike
Exploring Ha Noi by bike

The image of Hanoian with bicycle used to be a popular images in people mind over century ago which ensure that this city is friendly for biker. Nowadays, after 20 years of developing, Hanoian are getting back to their old trustful vehicle. Bikes of all style, color and brand can be seen around tiny and shaded trees areas such as Phan Dinh Phung street, Hoang Dieu street, West lake or Ho Chi Minh complex area etc…

After the bike ride, you should consider a coffee break at famous coffee house of this city for relaxing.

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4. Dynamic Danang city

Having a good cycling trip in Da Nang
Having a good cycling trip in Da Nang

The road from Danang to Hue is well-known for its spectacular landscapes with beaches, mountains, rivers, lagoons, rice fields, farms, historic sites and peaceful villages, featuring both long flat and steep terrains. Once you travel from Hue to Danang and vice versa, it is advisable to take a ride either by bike or car to enjoy the splendid scenery there. Owning stunning white sandy beaches with fresh ocean air and nice streets make Danang and unforgettable option for biking trip in Vietnam. From Han River to My Khe beach, Non Nuoc mountain etc.., you can all explore by yourselves. Fresh seafood and a chance for beach relaxing in great beaches in Danang are awaiting bikers during your trip.

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5. Youthful Vung Tau city

Vung Tau is luckily owning a very nice and romantic beach side avenue which surround the city. Renting a bike , you can be free to ride around the city and enjoy fresh ocean air and contemplate beach scenery along coastal lines.

Biking in Vung Tau
Biking in Vung Tau

The list of must do activities in Vung Tau are included with the walks to the beaches , sea bathing at nice beaches such as Bai Truoc, Bai Sau , Bai Duong etc, the visit of Bao Dai summer palace or Jesus Christ monument on the mountain etc.. Last but not least, don’t forget to let yourselves relax under the shadow of frangipani flower (branches and contemplate sunset over the sea.

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